Improving EX to Build HR Trust

This video was played in front of HR audiences across the globe to demonstrate the negative impact the pandemic has had on employees. This is a facts-driven piece to invoke emotion and has served as a call to action to employers to take responsibility for their employees by intentionally designing a personalized employee experience



  • Design a powerful video that acts as a keynote segue

  • Compiling all of the research around employee wellness during the pandemic and presenting it in a 2 minute video

  • Finding facts that are relevant to the target audience and bringing them to life with imagery


“Not gonna lie, I was shocked by the final result of the video. It has led to deep reflection”



  • A moving piece that has prompted action from some of the world’s top CHROs

  • Increased importance placed on a new approach to employee experience

  • Discussions at round tables to reshape the future of work and rethink certain HR processes


“You could hear a pin drop at the end of the video. Everyone was feeling it”