The Power of People Analytics for Everyone

CultureAmp’s Culture First Community initiative supports human-centered growth, success, and impact. The world of work has to work better for people and DreanMedia helped CultureAmp establish a content series to drive interest from CHROs and other HR Evangelists to become Chapter Leads for their movement. There are now 30+ chapters across the United States and Canada.



  • Build necessary media assets to communicate the purpose behind the community

  • Develop raving fans of CultureAmp’s Community First program

  • Maintaining sustainable, valuable content for community members


“We want people to come for the connection. To feel a human bond at work and use it to grow.”



  • Since launch, over 30 chapters have been established across the US and Canada

  • Video series featured on CultureAmp’s “Culture First” page, which continues to grow

  • Thought leadership springing forth from the community


“DreanMedia helped us focus our message based on our values and it worked! Community members are joining in droves.”