Sentiment Analysis in Real-time

HR Data Labs is on a quest to pioneer sentiment analysis in real-time by building a tech platform that allows employees to provide quick-pulse feedback on a daily basis. DreanMedia’s engagement was 3 fold: to position the platform in a crowded market, develop a go-to market strategy, and design simple and promotional assets



  • Understanding product placement in a crowded market

  • Aggressive go-to-market strategy on a short timeline

  • Boiling a complex process down to its core function that consumers are able to understand


“Humans are complicated. That’s why we brought in the experts. DreanMedia’s human-centric approach made all the difference”



  • Successful paid ad campaign: 30% CTR

  • Video pitch helped secure first round of funding: $500,000

  • Go-to-market strategy with built-in flexibility for agile market


“It is apparent DreanMedia is more concerned with doing great work than collecting a paycheck. We are positioned perfectly and can’t wait to work together again soon”